Zoltar 2012-NC

!!! NEW !!!

CNC machinekitset using dual ballscrews!

A compact light duty CNC hobby machine, with a A3 sized workspace.
>workrange X-Y-Z 430x317x100mm<
Aiming pricing on a budget well under 1000€uro's for mechanics & electronics
- that is including ballscrews! -  
Currently exploring the interrest from visitors if this product should be available.
A prototype machine build will be arranged next.

Zoltar 2012-NC

Zoltar 2012-NC

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Zoltar-CNC 2011-CL

Current stock - available on preorder.

A compact CNC machine with a large workspace.

Here a few impressions and samples below


Zoltar 2011CL

Features of the all new 2011-CL - based on 10 years experience with these kind of tools.
- 4-times as much cutting area as the original classic from 2001 -

Purpose  : Plastics and woods
(To explore the maximum capacity Aluminum and Trespa cutting where tested also)
Working range standard: X-750mm Y-550mm Z-90mm
Optional:X-300-X1000 X-1200mm Y-550mm Z-90mm
-Structure 100% stainless steel.
-Ballscrew drive, all axis - alternatively Trapezium screws still possible
-Traveling speeds using ballscrews up to 60 mm per second.
- Aiming at 0,1mm repeating accuracy or better.
-Standard 43mm mount rotary tool, like Kress .
-Available as a kitset, no worries about lasercutters or lasercuttingresults.
-Lock-in slide mount of the components, using Loctite 330 for fixation.
Electronics: 2,5Amps controller four channels
Using four 1,5Nm -Nema 23 sized stepper on X-Y-Z
(X-axis dual drive mechanicaly joined by toothbelt)

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 update july 2012:

Extruder bracket

Watch the video if yo have a few minutes!


Extruder assy Y

update may 2012:

Trespa Extruder feeder

Trespa detail

update april 2012:



More HTD5 pulleys!

smallest HTD5 from 2011-CL 

update march 2012:

Alu 18mm flats

Cutting 18mm Alu rod!

Carving Trespa 8mm

 V-carved trespa !


update feb 2012:

Cutting 1,5mm Brass!

cutting brass cnc 2011-CL

First 3D model cut!

3D model

Zoltar CNC-2011-CL Educational and public use

X-750MM Y-550 Z-90mm

Educational CNC

X-1200MM Y-550 Z-90mm

Specially for educational and public purpose a suitable enclosure is under development.

Gears in Trespa..

trepa gears 1 



 Small movie on the forum.....

update dec 2011:

merry xmas everybody

Prototype XXL version extending X to 1200 workrange

Now under my X-mas tree!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a good & healthy 2012!

Zoltar 2011CL plano
 Here shown the kitset from the first serie produced batch,
also the trial fit of the parts.
Exiting moment  and yes it does fit great!
Zoltar 2011-CL Mechanics assembly
Here the structural mechanics assembled into its final apearance.
CNC carving
Testing carving some Oak.  
I am getting used to the CNC-USB software now more and more.
Toolblock 1
Toolblock to testfit the Led-Arc, a pcb combining nine LED's around the cutter.
Toolblock jig
A simple MDF Jig to place the PVC- (ALU) blank in for
precise positioning and cutting of the needed shapes.
Toolblock in jig on table
After finishing the cuts....
Of course some vinylcutting for stickers I need....
2011-CL Vinyl cutting
2011 CL Vinyl cutting 
For a project about 15 spacers quickly where needed as shown below.
2011-CL- alutest
How to achieve this the easiest way?
 2011CL - Alutrial
Take a suitable blank, cut the material as from the design and slice it
by sawing it up in 15mm strips. 
2011-CL-Alutrial 2
fixation & positioning by cutting a 7mm deep pocket in 20mm scrap MDF.
It fits tightly and no need for fasterners
2011-CL-Alutrial 2
 2011-CL-Alutrial 2
Using a 8mm single cutting cutter, at about 15000 RPM at 1000mm per minut.

2011-CL-Alutrial 2

The aluminium  chips do not cause any problem to the railsystem as these just get buldozered away....
(Although not designed for this purpose, trials showed it even can be used limited for cutting brass and aluminium cutting)
Four Channel Zoltar USB controller

USB-controller powered with excellent, easy to use software from Planet-CNC:


(Although not designed for this purpose, trials showed it even can be used limited for cutting brass and aluminium cutting)

2011 CL alutrial 

Brass on 2011-CL

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy CNCìng, Chris Reinders.
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